HiFilm provides A to Z production services for advertising, documentary, feature and TV film produced in Romania, from location scouting and casting, trough the entire production and postproduction process.
HiFilm Bases its top quality services on a uniquely synergetic combination: the many advantages of the conveniently priced Romanian marketplace, complemented by a vast network of connections in the global film industry.
Located in Bucharest, HiFilm has access to all essential resources and services offered by the lively, picturesque Romanian capital and its surroundings:
- Highly professional local film crews and techinicians
- Equipment that meets international standards
- Set construction and costume design
- Transporation and catering
- Modern studios
- Unlimited number of extras
- Advanced editing services
- A large variety of modern , historical and scenic location.
The supplement these attractive local offerings, Hifilm maintains close ties with a large pool of high-class film directors and cameramen from all over the world. Trough these connections, HiFilm is able to recruit the right professional for every task, and carry out even the most complex, demanding and artistically challenging production projects.
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Director: MAREN ADE

Director: RADU JUDE
Director: RADU JUDE
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